Deploying Upgrade Analytics Windows 10 Part 2

In the last post i covered  the process  for Upgrade Analytics in OMS . It takes approximately 48 hours for data to populate in OMS. Approximately 48 hours ago and a support call to Microsoft to verify my telemetry script worked we have 2 results. I have telemetry i just submitted for 5 other computers on Windows 7 with various applications. My plan is to see if i can get different results . Since this feature in OMS is preview im not expecting too much quite yet until general availability. In another post I’ll cover machines that fail to pass the upgrade check and the process to fix them.


In this screenshot its validating 2 machines telemetry that showed up. The notification is ” Ok to pilot” .


When i select the computer in OMS it displays statistics. There are many other metrics you can pick from as well.

  • Type
  • Computer Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Upgrade Decision
  • OS Version
  • OS Build



In this screenshot applications showed up. If you click on the applications tab you will get a list of applications installed. More data on applications such as version and name will be located with metrics.




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