SCCM 1602 & 1606 stuck during pre requisite checking

I had to fix a little problem before I could upgrade my SCCM CB to 1606 – the “Configuration Manager 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482)” update pack was stuck on “Prerequisite check passed” while the option to install the hotfix was greyed out. Annoyingly the 1606 update was also greyed out, so I couldn’t proceed without first dealing with the problematic hotfix.


I had a recent backup to fall back on but I opted to tackle the problem head on. Here’s how I done it…

  • I found the folder the update pack was downloaded into and made a note of the folder name (which had a random set of characters, referred to as the package guid)
  • Deleted the record of the package with the above guid from the SCCM database
  • Refreshed the view in the Update and Servicing node and restarted the SMS_EXECUTE service
  • The update pack was then downloaded again in the Update and Servicing node
  • I then proceeded with the installation as normal

Detailed instructions below:

In my case the Hotfix update pack was already downloaded which was located in a folder in the “SCCM Install Location\EasySetupPayload” directory:


The trick was to work out which folder this particular update pack was downloaded into – with only random characters for folder names I had to resort to comparing the created/modified date of the folder with the date the update was released in the Updates and Servicing node:


Once I was confident which folder the update pack was downloaded into I made a note of the name of the folder – I needed the random characters that made up the folder name, which we’ll refer to as the package guid from here on.

I then fired up the SQL Server Management Studio and ran the following query to delete the record for this particular package from my SCCM database:

DELETE FROM SCCM_Database_Name.dbo.CM_UpdatePackages
WHERE PackageGuid='59bca34e-df87-4041-b9b7-f53395849e81';


(Replace SCCM_Database_Name and the PackageGuid with your own details)

I then hit refresh on my SCCM console and the problematic hotfix update pack disappeared from view:


The next step was to restart the SMS_EXECUTE service and refresh the view again and, sure enough, the hotfix started to download again…


From thereon I just had to wait for the download to finish and proceeded to install the update as normal which was fast and quick as it should be.

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One thought on “SCCM 1602 & 1606 stuck during pre requisite checking

  1. Hi, I am trying to update from 1606 to 1702. I ran the Pre-Req check manually, since it tended to get stuck from within the console. Now the Update is in “Installing” State since 2 days and is not showing up in Monitoring at all. Anyone encountered this as well? Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Hman.log shows “Failed to calculate hash”, but I downloaded it several times now and same error for 1606, so I guess somewhere there is a problem with the calculation process.

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