SCOM 2016 & OMS Part 1

With the new release of SCOM 2016 and connectivity in OMS i thought I’d blog out it. For this example here is my layout. The installation was as easy as SCOM 2012 R2. I used a powershell script to add all the per-requisites and downloaded Report Viewer 2015 .

SCOM pre-requisites script can be located-

Report Viewer 2015 can be located at –

  1. SCOM 2016 X 2 ( Two management servers)
  2. Server 2016
  3. SQL 2016

The installation didn’t take that long i approximate 40 minutes.



As you can see im on Server 2016, utilizing SQL 2016 and have installed SCOM 2016.



In this last screenshot ive opend the SCOM console. I went ahead and used the set-scomlicense powershell command to set the license for full version . As you can see its asking me to upgrade.


Now that the installation is complete I will go ahead and setup SCOM.

  1. Adding management packs related to my environment
  2. Push out Agents via SCCM 1606 which I’ll cover in another post
  3. Adding notification channels and subscriptions

Next post will be the OMS configuration of SCOM 2016 & OMS


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