SCOM 2016 & OMS Part 2

In a recent post i covered the installation of SCOM 2016. This post will be the walk through of connecting SCOM 2016 to OMS. OMS is a great management suite that is located in Microsoft cloud. Provided is a link to it and highly suggest organizations start utilizing Microsoft’s cloud technologies to better there organization. This is part 2/3 of this OMS series of post.

Log into your OMS portal . Next click settings on the bottom left which will bring you to this page.



Next click on connected sources and review Systems Center tab.  As you can see we don’t have any management groups yet.



The first step in connection SCOM 2016 to OMS is you have to register to Operations Management . Click on that link.



Next you will sign in and pick the work space that you created in OMS.



Next wizard screen will be verifying the account and work space. Click create to finalize the connection.


After the successful connection with SCOM 2016 to OMS you can see now i have 1 Management Group installed.



As you can see the installation was pretty easy . Next steps will be to add computers or group to monitor. Below i added some computers/severs to monitor. 



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