Windows 10 Edition Upgrade Via Provision Package

From the 1st version of Windows Imaging Configuration Designer I have been doing Demo’s of Windows 10 edition upgrades. This is a fairly straight forward process . Recently I bought a few new laptops for my lab which were on Home Version. I didn’t see that i can go directly to Enterprise but instead went to Pro edition. This edition is  efficient enough to join my Domain and SCCM infrastructure for Windows 10 servicing.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to open WICD and start a new project.


2. Im going to name it Version Upgrade.


3. I’m going to select Provision pacakge.



4. Now that i have Run time settings open im going to go to EditionUprade tab and select upgradeeditionwithproductkey . Run time settings BTW are settings you can apply while the operating system is running and new to Windows 10 and the imaging world. Next i would enter my Key. Pretty simple so far.




5. Next im going to click the Export tab on the top ribbon to  provision package.





6. After clicking next a few times it comes to the final build stage for the provision package. There will be a location you set but for this example im using default. Once you click build it will produce several files in the folder the provision package being .ppkg. Im my example you can double click the .ppkg on the desktop of your home version and allow it to run. You will see shortly your Operating system will be upgraded to Pro version after a reboot.





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